Alice Through The Looking Glass Movie Review

My husband and I were able to sneak away to see Alice Through the Looking Glass this week and it was a good date night.  I guess if I am being honest any night away with just him is good. We have 4 little ladies at home and when I told them what we were doing they begged to come along because Alice is a movie for them. I told them that after I saw it and approved, we would plan a movie date to see it.

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Alice Through the Looking Glass was in a word: beautiful. The visual elements were so well done and seeing it in 3D made the worlds we traveled to come alive.

Alice Through the Looking Glass Mia Wasikowska

Image courtesy of Disney

Alice is a very strong and optimistic young woman in this story; no longer the child we knew from the original story line. She is brought back to Wonderland to help her friend Hatter and in the process save their world. I loved Johnny Depp’s Hatter character in the first Alice movie and again he delivered a strong performance. This time, we did meet a new person in Wonderland: Time played by Sacha Baron Cohen. Cohen was fantastic and I can only imagine the entertainment on set between him and Johnny.

Sacha Baron Cohen as Time in Alice Through the Looking Glass

Image courtesy of Disney

I am a big fan of movies where the story line goes deep into the characters’ lives and Alice Through the Looking Glass did not disappoint. In the film, we find out that Queen Mirana (played by Anne Hathaway) is actually the Queen of Hearts’ (played by Helena Bonham Carter) sister. By the end of the film the audience comes to understand why the Queen of Hearts is the way she is and how her relationship with Queen Mirana is changed when Alice returns.

The Queens in Alice Through the Looking Glass are really sisters.

Image Courtesy of Disney

The movie is rated PG; I agree with that rating.  My two older girls (9 years-old and 7 years-old) would love this movie and while there are a couple intense scenes the two of them don’t scare easily. Even my almost five-year-old daughter, who isn’t afraid of anything, would love the movie. As with any film, you know your kids the best. You know what they’ve seen and what they can handle when it comes to what they see on the big screen.

Overall this is a good movie for a date night as well as a fun afternoon with your kiddos and a tub of popcorn.


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